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An Icy Hot Summer

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Last Friday France recorded its highest ever temperature; a staggering 45.9 degrees Celsius amidst a severe heatwave in the region of Gallargues-le-Montueux in Southern France while on Monday, Mexico got hit by a wild hail storm, which led to an unprecedented weather phenomenon; ice, a meter deep, in Summers! These past weeks happenings raised serious questions about the extent of weather abnormalities resulting due to Global Warming. Such unheard of events are born out of our lifestyles which are in a constant clash with nature and the environment. The need to bring change into our modus vivendi is essential.

The Godfather of Global Warming Wallace Broecker was the first one to shed some light on the idea of global warming in 1975 through a paper of his. His terrifying but true ideas have led us to a rather slow realization that our doomsday is closer than we think. The heatwave in Europe is just the start of a plethora of oncoming weather turmoil in forms of flooding, hailstorms heatwaves, etc, we need to brace ourselves for the most unexpected of weather. The challenges we face regarding weather and climate can be attributed to our own conduct, it is we who put ourselves in this position and a collective effort is needed to tackle this issue. The likes of Greta Thunberg constantly remind us of our horrendous habits and the harms it has done and with world leaders signing on agreements like the 2015 Paris Agreement to better the climate for the next generation, this decade has seen the best of our fight against our common enemy. These peculiar happenings of the past week should arouse you to play your part in the fight against global warming and contribute that tiny but huge effort of yours. This planet is your home and your actions will decide whether or not your home ceases to exist and thus your contribution plays a pivotal role in deciding yours and everyone else’s fate. #GW#Climate#Weather

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